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DUI with Prior Felony

Do you have a prior felony and now facing a dui conviction?

If you have a previous felony on your record and you’re convicted of a DUI, the penalties can be very severe.

A misdemeanor conviction will be less severe than a felony, however, a previous felony with a new DUI is serious. Each state determines its’ own sentencing and felony classes. California determines sentencing based on the crime. A judge may use your previous felony during sentencing.

California enacts a recidivist sentencing law which means that individuals with a previous felony conviction can receive very long prison terms if convicted of another crime.

Additionally, California judges may use their discretion for sentencing. If the convicted has a previous record, the judge is more likely to see this a reflection of the defendants continued behavior and take this into account.

Fighting a DUI with a previous felony demands knowledge of the law, familiarity with the system and rapport with other legal professionals.

If you have a previous felony and you’re facing a DUI charge, we urge to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your rights.

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