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BAC, or Blood Alcohol Concentration, measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. Alcohol travels through the blood stream into the brain, where it affects cognitive and motor skills.  It is very important to hire a Chico DUI attorney that can help you resolve your case.  The majority of our referrals come from satisfied clients.  Call our office today for a Free Consultation and speak with one our DUI Attorneys.

Your BAC is affected regardless of what type of alcohol you drink, however, there are plenty of other factors that do affect your BAC.

Weight, size, metabolism rate, foot intake, and how quickly you drink all affect your BAC. A lower weight, and higher percentage of body fat causes the alcohol to stay in the blood stream longer, ultimately having a stronger and faster affect on the brain. 

Our Chico DUI lawyers will examine the evidence carefully for flaws in the administration of these tests

  • If you’re blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher, you can be arrested if you try operating a motor vehicle.
  • At 0.08%, studies show that the typical effects of alcohol include; impaired muscle coordination, i.e. Speech, vision, reaction time, balance and hearing are impaired, it is harder to detect danger, judgement, and se
  • Studies show that a BAC of 0.08% can reduce the ability to process information in a capable manner, one’s perception and concentration is impaired, and there is even short-term memory loss.
  • Should you be arrested, your BAC will be tested and used to convict you. The higher your BAC, the worse your penalties will be. Consult with a Chico DUI immediately.
  • One ounce of alcohol is equal to about one drink, and estimates show that typically it takes about an hour to digest one-quarter of an ounce.

For an average 150 pound person, one drink adds 0.02% to a BAC and each passing hour removes 0.01% from a BAC. In this scenario, it’s clear to see how one’s BAC builds with several drinks, and why it takes longer to sober up than it does to get intoxicated.

Chico DUI attorneys are ready to resolve your case.

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Proven Results

The Charge

2nd DUI Offense
CVC 23152 (a)

Faced 14 Days in jail


With our expert negotiation skills, the client paid a reduced fine.

The Charge

1st DUI Offence
CVC 23152 (b)

FACED 48 Hour in Jail
$2,200 Fines


With our Experience & Agressive representation we get results
NO Jail Time, $245 Fines

The Charge

At Amaya & Associates, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest


At Amaya & Associates, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
Faced 10 years

The Charge

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, CVC 23152 (a)

Faced 3 Days in County Jail


After thoroughly investigating the facts & aggressive negotiations, the case was resolved.
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