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Charged With A DUI?

Most DUI cases are settled before trial when you hire an experienced DUI lawyer. Our DUI attorneys concentrate on Dui defense and have a consistent history of successful results. Each case requires individualized attention. It is very important to im- mediately investigate the evidence presented against you for possible arrest flaws and mistakes. Our team of lawyers will thoroughly examine the following issues or your case:
1. The arresting officer’s probable cause.
2. Blood Alcohol Test (BAC) results, test validity and calibration of the breathalyzer.
3. Whether field sobriety tests were administered according to California DUI Law.
4. Violations of your civil rights.
Our Chico DUI defense attorneys have excellent communication with local Judges, D.A.’s, and probation officers and work effectively with local jurisdictions to negotiate, request alternative programs and aggressively represent our clients. In most cases our clients do not have to appear in court.

Consequences of a Chico DUI Conviction

A DUI arrest can have a long term impact on your future. A conviction has serious consequences that may include:
1. Jail or prison time
2. Loss of career or employment
3. Suspension of your driver’s license
4. Costly court fines & mandatory programs
5. Long term searchable probation
Working with our experienced, aggressive and dedi- cated DUI Attorneys is the smartest choice you can make today.


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Chico DUI Lawyers Fighting
to Protect Your Rights

  • Our Attorneys have successfully represented THOUSANDS of DUI clients
  • We strongly advocate for Alternative Programs than do not require jail time
  • More than one attorney reviews each case for best possible results


You need a knowledgeable, highly prepared Chico DUI attorney who is familiar with the Butte County court system. At Amaya & Associates Attorneys At Law, each Chico DUI lawyer has handled hundreds of DUI defense cases throughout Northern California. Our Chico DUI lawyers are skilled and reputable in litigating DUI / and drunk driving charges in court and in DMV hearings. In most situations you do not have to appear in court.

If charged with a DUI in Chico, Butte County or Northern California, you need to take immediate action. You have 10 days from the date of your arrest to contact the DMV and request a DMV hearing to avoid suspension of your driver’s license. When you call our office for a FREE CASE EVALUATION, one of our DUI defense attorneys will begin the process for you. Call us today.